Rubbish & Garden Refuse Removal

Rubbish & garden refuse removal is one of our main service offerings, we only serve customers in the Gauteng areas. All our removal services begin with a quote depending on the weight and contents of the refuse, thereafter the client is required to accept or decline the quote and within minutes of acceptance a truck will be on your doorstep ready to help. Contact Us for more services.

Our team of removers is highly trained and proficient at quickly and effectively removing the refuse from your home, garden or office. Our mission is to make your life as pain-free as possible with quick and fast turnover times on our projects, there is nothing worse than left waiting for a team of removers with rubbish laying on your sidewalk. Do not hesitate to call us for any queries or questions you may have.

Garden Rubbish Collection

Removal Services

We deliver premium services to our customers to ensure that their garden and refuse rubble is removed efficiently. Our mission is to ensure our clients aren’t left frustrated and irritated while waiting for their refuse to be removed.
  • Tree Removal
  • Garden Waste Removal
  • Garden Refuse Removal
  • Junk & Waste Removal
We offer a variety of different removal services from garden, business, construction, industrial and demolition removal. No matter the industry you are in we will cater to you and develop personalized solutions in order to remove the garden refuse trouble from your life. We focus on time management here at our company and no one does it better than us. Check out our home page for more information.

What is included?

All Types Of Collections & Removals
All construction and building material, household waste and furniture, property cleanup, asbestos removal, garden waste, carpet and kitchen strip outs, furniture and old appliances.
Our Removal Guidelines
We follow strict safety rules, we follow all anti-dumping laws, deliver your waste to legal dumping sites, deliver specific waste to recycling sites, we make sure nothing goes to waste, we ensure no waste is left on your property and that the job has been completed to exact customer satisfaction.
Site Supervisor or Manager
We aim to ensure that certain projects dependant on their size and complexity will always have the presence of a site supervisor or manager to ultimately ensure all clearance and removal is done according to strict safety regulations and company guidelines.
Use of Heavy Machinery & Physical Labor
Rubble Removal Services has an extensive fleet of construction and removal machinery that is capable of handling any size of removal project. In certain instances, heavy machinery may not be applicable to the situation. Therefore we will utilise the services of our team of hardworking removal individuals to get the job done.

What We Need From Our Clients

When conducting business with our clients we require all the information regarding the job or pickup. Too often clients will give us the incorrect information and accuracy of the load that needs to be picked up in order to get cheaper rates when the driver arrives on site. If you do this we will not help you or remove your refuse, this wastes our time, our drivers time and your time. Let’s have a happy and working rubble relationship.

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