Costs and Consequences of Illegal Dumping

This blog post will discuss the various costs and consequences associated with illegal dumping and incorrect disposal of waste in South Africa. This is a serious concern as there are many unmonitored and open lands in Johannesburg that people can use without anyone knowing for a substantial amount of time.

The Democratic Alliance has recently clamped down on illegal dumping in the city of Joburg as reported by early this January. Partnered with the local police and metro police they started a community program in which residents are encouraged to report any illegal dumping activity as well as take pictures of license plates and any suspicious activities. The political parties main concern is the harm the illegal dumping can cause to the environment.

illegal dumping

Illegal Dumping Costs Johannesburg R250 Million a Year!

According to Ernest Sonnenberg, a member of the municipality utility services; there has been an everlasting plague that has many contractors around Johannesburg opting for the cheaper option of removing waste and rubble by dumping it illegally. Ernest states that he “cannot understand” why contractors choose the illegal route when there are over 600 designated sites around the city for the purpose of disposing of the rubble.

In terms of fines, the consequences for illegal dumping can be very hefty, as Sonnenberg states in his interview with news24; ” It ranges from R500 to R5 000, and the magistrate can levy a larger fine if they see fit. Furthermore, individuals found guilty of using their vehicle for illegal dumping, with that vehicle having been seized and impounded, will need to pay a tariff for its release – the value of which will increase for the first three offences increasing by R15000 each time.”

Many government officials argue that the money spent on cleaning up the streets and repairing the damage caused by illegal dumping could be used for better things such as education and healthcare. They argue it is imperative to tackle this problem as soon as possible to protect our futures, however, some argue against it due to the fact that they will end up spending more money on the issue without actually providing a solution to the problem. If you are unsure if your waste is being removed and dumped illegally contact your local Johannesburg rubble removal company.

In our opinion, governments need to start being more proactive than reactive to the issue, there will always be people wanting to cut corners or even those who may be unaware of their actions. It is up to the government to ensure perpetrators are punished and the unknowledgeable educated. This is the only way we are going to move forward and rid ourselves and country of this problem.

Residents of Kensington Want a Solution to Illegal Dumping

Councillor Carlos Da Rocha of Ward 66, a group of areas including Observatory East, Troyeville, Kensington and Bertrams, has stated in a recent interview with Joburg Express that; “For years I have dedicated my efforts to clean up dumping and put a stop to all illegal dumping in the ward. Unfortunately, it continues, be it from people dumping household refuse to garden refuse and building rubble.” Mr Da Rocha has also stated that he is pleased that people are starting to become more aware of the problems at hand and that the metro is actually doing something about it for a change.

Costs of dumping

In conclusion, dumping in South Africa has serious consequences but it is not only the individual that is affected by dumping but it is the environment and the communities that are affected. The amount of tax money that is being spent on removing trash and rubbish could be put to much better use. Let us all try be proactive in the fight against illegal dumping and report it to our officials and municipalities. We can all benefit from a healthier environment.

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