Best Rubble Removal Company in South Africa

The question on the tip of everyone’s’ tongues is who is the best rubble removal company in SA. We will attempt to answer this question by giving each company a rating out of 30 and what we like and do not like about their services. The companies will be rated according to 3 different services; price, service and staff. Each category will be weighted evenly, each out of 10.

Best Rubble Company ZAA) Cape Core Rubble

Cape Core Rubble is Cape Town’s leading rubble removal supplier; they have been operating for over 5 years in the industry and are only getting bigger. Visit their site here.


Price: (8/10). They can be a little bit pricey but when you consider the service you receive it is worth it.

Service: (10/10). Cape Core has trucks for all weights and amounts of rubble, their teams are out within minutes of receiving your call.

Staff: (9/10). The staff was very helpful for the job at hand, any questions or concerns I had were met with answers and solutions.

Overall: 27/30

B) The Rubble Guy

The Rubble Guy doesn’t have the best of online presences but offline he is friendly and delivers a great service. He is also based in the Table View area in Cape Town.


Price: (9/10). Relatively inexpensive service, very affordable rates.

Service: (7/10). The Rubble Guy was missing a 15 tonne truck in his service offering and there was a delay in picking up my rubble.

Staff: (6/10).  Staff did not seem very well trained even though the job was completed adequately. My questions were answered very vaguely but overall a decent experience.

Overall: 22/30

C) Dump – IT


Dump IT is located in Johannesburg and is one of our main competitors but they do offer a good service and it would be an injustice to leave them off this list.

Price: (8/10). Very well priced, no complaints

Service: (9/10). Fantastic service, there was absolutely no delay in getting my rubble removed. They cater to all tonnage weights.

Staff: (8/10). The staff was well trained and all questions were answered. Pleasant service and staffwere very friendly.

Overall: (25/30)

Rubble Removal Companies South AfricaD) Rubble Removal Services


Come on, guys! Give me a break here! Of course, I am going to include my own company in this list, although I will not give us a rating because that would just be biased ;). Anyway, we are probably the best rubble removal in Johannesburg. We offer a variety of services such as tree felling and cater to as much tonnage as you need to be taken away.

In conclusion Cape Core Rubble takes the cake for South Africa’s best rubble removal company and rightfully so; as they offer the best service to price ratio as well as highly trained staff. In a close second is Dump It and finally is the Rubble Guy. All these companies are regarded highly in the industry and you can’t go wrong.

Anyway, Thank again guys.

The Rubble Trouble Man

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