5 Rubble Rookie Mistakes

The following article will discuss mistakes made by DIY rubble removers as well as trained professionals and how easy it is to make a silly mistake in this business. Whether you are in construction, landscaping or rubble you know how costly one small error can be. There are a variety of different wastes that all need to be disposed of accordingly.

1) Using the Wrong Transportation

Many times business will use the wrong trucks or the wrong vehicle and equipment to transfer dangerous and hazardous materials. In many provinces waste is still your responsibility until it is correctly disposed of, if it is not disposed of correctly you will be held responsible for anything that happens with the waste. If you are unsure if you are disposing of your waste correctly then contact your local rubble removal company  in Johannesburg

2) Disposing of Waste Incorrectly

I myself have been called in to clean up someone else’s mess, some companies (such as builders and construction teams) believe that they are able to correctly remove their own rubble or toxic waste. There is some trash that should not be disposed of normally at landfills and other legal dumping sites as it poses a serious health risk to the public. Rather let the professionals handle the toxic waste.

3) Badly Trained Employees

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a company whose employees do not know the first thing about the service or product they provide. It is absolutely imperative that employees know about the service or waste they are dealing with however it is just as important that the staff know how to deal with clients as well. In the rubble removal and waste management industry our staff need to know how to correctly dispose of the rubble as well as the best way to load waste into our transportation vehicles to achieve maximum efficiency when working on a project

4) Choosing the Cheapest Option

When the job is done and dusted it is often time to clean up the mess and where many people or business go wrong is trying to look for the cheap solution instead of the effective one, which ends up costing them more money in the long run. It is essential that all waste is treated properly and stored in the correct containers. Managing waste is also important as it keeps your employees safe when hazardous materials are stored in the correct containers, ensuring you meet all workplace requirements.

5) Incorrect Information Regarding Waste Management

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the correct information when collecting rubble and waste from a construction or medical site. Whether you are doing the removal yourself or getting a professional company to do it you need to be aware of how much rubble needs to be removed and the weight of it. When it comes to medical waste you need to know which containers are suited to the correct types of waste. If you are not following the specific forms of removal you are making cleanup of the site a nightmare and more of a headache than it needs to be.

In conclusion, it is essential for you to realise the mistakes when dealing with rubble and waste management and to take actions to make sure you don’t make these same mistakes. Rather than taking the cheap option, pay for a professional to take care of the problems and provide you with the solutions you need. Remember, before using a removal service check first to see if the staff are fully trained and know what they are doing.

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Rubble Mistakes
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