5 Best Waste Disposal Methods

The following article will discuss the different techniques of disposing of waste or rubble. There is always some material that is not being used on a project or wastage from construction work, when these things get removed where do they go? What happens to them? We will attempt to answer this question for you and go over all the different techniques removal and waste disposal companies use.

1) Landfill/Legal Dumping Site

A landfill is a designated area for removing waste and trying to confine it to as small an area as possible. It is the oldest form of waste management. A landfill, however, has many uses such as an area for the transfer and processing of recyclable goods. There are 3 different types of landfills:

  • Municipal solid waste: accepts only household and nonhazardous materials.
  • Industrial waste: Mainly accepts commercial and industrial waste.
  • Hazardous waste: This is where the really toxic substances are taken.

In certain countries, landfills are actually banned unless used for the purpose of recycling or transferring wastage, however, the majority of countries still use landfills as their main source of waste management If you are in South Africa this isn’t a problem for us and we can still use landfills and legal dumping sites for our waste disposal and rubble removal needs.

2) Incineration Waste Disposal

Incineration is the technique used to dispose of solid organic of waste via combustion so as to change them into reusable products. This method is useful for disposal of the residue of the solid waste whereby the process decreases the volume of the waste by 10%-30% of its original weight. The main purpose of incineration is to convert waste into useful resources such as ash, heat, gas and steam. Incineration is usually used to dispose of gaseous, liquid and solid waste, it is most often used to dispose of toxic or hazardous waste. Most of the waste disposed of in this area is medical waste.

Incineration is a fairly controversial part rubble or waste removal due to the emissions from the combustion of toxic waste and the consequences for the environment. Small countries such a Japan are more likely to use this method as there is not enough open land to make use of landfills. Overall incineration is definitely not our most favourite form of waste disposal and management. Next!

5 Best Waste Methods

3) Recycling

Recycling is the act of that collecting and reusing of waste resources such as plastic bags, beer and soda cans as well as any sort of plastic. These materials can then be repurposed into other items and products. The sort of material acknowledged for reusing shifts by city and nation. Every city and nation have diverse reusing programs set up that can deal with the different sorts of recyclable materials. Be that as it may, certain variety in acknowledgement is reflected in the resale estimation of the material once it is reprocessed. There’s really not much else to say about Recycling it is, however, our favourite method of rubble removal in Gauteng.

4) Biological Processing and Energy Recovery

I will explain each of the above methods individually. The first being biological processing, which is the method of using organic waste to make products such as compost for landscaping and waste captured as methane can be used for heat generating purposes such as a fuel cell. The role that biological processing plays is to be in control of the natural rate at which things decompose.

Energy recovery, otherwise known as waste to energy is the conversion of non-reusable resources into energy sources such as heat and electricity through a variety of different methods from gasification to combustion. This is the meat and potatoes of energy recovery, you better watch this space as this industry is one to look out for.  I mean you can now even change one recycled energy into another…crazy huh?

5) Avoidance and Reduction Methods

This is our favourite method of waste management here at rubble removal services, this is basically the way forward whereby we no longer need to worry about waste as there will be minimum. The cornerstone of this idea is that products become reusable and more durable, items such as plastic carry bags are replaced with completely reusable cotton bags. This method promotes a more sustainable society and the world for us. The benefits of “waste minimization” are:

  • Efficient production.
  • Economic returns – This is because products are now being used more efficiently and can pass value over to the consumer
  • Public perception.
  • Improved quality of products.
  • Environmental duty

So there you have it folks, the 5 best techniques used by waste disposal companies. Whether you are in construction, landscaping or gardening these can all be applied to your industry.


We decided, however simplistic our reasoning is, that it is better to stop creating the problem instead of trying to clean up the mess left behind. Thanks everyone for reading and until next time.

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